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Are you ready to help stop PSEG from taking over $300 million more per year from ratepayers for its nuclear plants – even though they’re financially secure and can rely on existing solutions should they ever need help? Great!

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  • Despite being projected to earn less than $5 billion in market revenue since 1999, PSEG has made $7.6 billion from its two New Jersey plants since 1999.
  • Research from Daymark Energy Advisors found that “In all cases, the net present value of actual revenue exceeds the net present value of the forecasted revenues.”
  • PSEG has also enjoyed billions of extra dollars via ratepayer-funded stranded costs. The data shows that, since 1999, PSEG has made $4.5 billion in such charges in New Jersey, $2.4 billion of which was explicitly for its nuclear units.

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